New Centre Leg - Film Version 1.0

After a conversation in a post on astromech.net about R5-D4 and its 'authentic' look. This got me thinking about R5's centre leg. In 'the' scene he is seen rolling away from the Sand crawler when called by Luke, the sharp eyed people noticed that his centre leg, is in fact an outside lower leg section, with only one ankle cylinder!!

R5 is only seen a few times in the film, but due to technical issues there were different units used to film him. Two leg mode, a possible 3 leg static mode and the infamous mobile 3 leg 'bad motivator' mode.
Star Wars - ANH, R5D4R2D2, R5D4 & Luke

This picture below, you can just make out the centre leg is different.

The following picture was created by club member Paul, based on the above screen image.
Check out more great work of Paul's here on his Twitter account.

So to make R5 as screen accurate as possible, which would be cool, I'll be making a new centre leg, with improved foot location and locking.

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  1. A few more 'details' have come to my attention for R5's centre leg.....more updates soon ;)